Film 'A Bite Of China' hit screens

The highly-anticipated documentary film 'A Bite of China: Celebrating the Chinese New Year' is fully opened in China on Thursday.
A still photo from the documentary film 'A Bite of China: Celebrating the Chinese New Year'. [Photo:]
This full-length feature will enchant the audience with diverse and colorful Chinese cuisine made only during the Spring Festival, a time for family reunions.
Along with the film's grand opening, a promo video has been released on major Chinese online platforms, which is themed on celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year.
Mouth-watering local dishes, jubilant dragon and lion dances, as well as catchy sacrifice proverbs are all revealed in the video.
Directed by Chen Lei, Deng Jie and Li Yong, the 85-minute film designs to display 43 dishes from 35 areas.
Director Chen Lei says though the film can evoke people's sentimentality and nostalgia, it's still carried out in a tone full of joy.
The third season of 'A Bite of China' has begun filming in countries like Canada, Italy and Peru, which aims to look at Chinese food culture from a global perspective.
The latest season is set to make its return on China Central TV around July.

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