Film 'A Bite of China' to hit theaters

This might be the most delicious film ever!
Poster of "A Bite of China: Celebrating the Chinese New Year" [Photo:]
The documentary "A Bite of China: Celebrating the Chinese New Year" will hit the big screens in China tomorrow.
Unlike the TV version of the show, this is a full-length feature.
It takes the audience through the various cooking styles across China used to mark the Spring Festival.
"A Bite of China," centering on the history of Chinese cuisine, has met with rave reviews since its debut in 2012.
The TV version is expected to return for a third season.
The new series will look at Chinese food culture from a global perspective.
Shooting has taken place in countries such as Canada, Italy and Peru, where historical connections with Chinese food can be found and interesting comparisons will be drawn between Eastern and Western culinary traditions.
The director says this season aims to let the whole world understand China through its delicious food.
The latest season is scheduled to air around July.

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