HK to honor Li Lihua with Lifetime Achievement Award

The Upcoming Hong Kong Film Awards will honor the 92-year-old Chinese actress Li Lihua with this year's Lifetime Achievement Award.
Li Lihua [File photo:]
Regarded as "The Evergreen Tree" of Chinese cinema, Li Lihua began her movie career in 1940 at the age of 16.
She soon shot to fame with her debut work 'San Xiao.'
Li Lihua has played a leading role in the 1962 epic film 'The Magnificent Concubine-Yang Kwei Fei', which was the first Chinese film to win an award at the Cannes Film Festival.
Before retiring in 1973, the legendary actress appeared in over 120 movies.
In last year's Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival, Li Lihua won the Lifetime Achievement Award.
And her 1969 movie 'Storm over the Yangtze River' was screened at the festival as well.
This year, over 60 works will compete in the Hong Kong Film Awards.
The 35th Hong Kong Film Awards are set to kick off on April 3rd.

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