In the Line of Duty 4

 In the Line of Duty 4

1989 (Lead)

Donnie Yen and Cynthia Khan are teamed as cop partners in this contemporary actioner, Yen as a hot-tempered American cop and the cool-headed Khan as a Hong
Kong policewoman. A Chinese immigrant Seattle dockworker witnesses a deal gone wrong, and police and criminals think he has a crucial film negative that
incriminates a CIA operative. When he reluctantly returns to Hong Kong, the cops and criminals follow.

Several of the action sequences are outstanding. Yen choreographed a realistic fight between Khan and Berwick in which Berwick delivers eight kicks with one
leg from five angles. Yen’s battles with longtime friends John Salvitti, Michael Woods, and Stephan Berwick are breathtaking. First, Salvitti attacks with an automatic machine gun while riding a dirt bike; in a game of cat and mouse, Yen turns predator into prey. Salvitti’s fighting style is all manic arms and hands, while Yen delivers side steps and roundhouse kicks to Salvitti’s chest. It’s a realistic, tough fight and exhibits the advanced martial arts skills of both combatants. Yen’s stop-hit attack was difficult to capture on film; the shot had to be broken down and the rhythms and angles exactly right. The beating-to-the-punch attack must come in-between the opponent’s movements and requires precision, perfect timing, and being in-synch with the opponent.

Next, in an updated action sequence reminiscent of Ben Hur, Yen is dragged through the streets by Woods and Berwick on dirt bikes; Yen challenges Berwick and
manages to get his bike, and Yen and Woods combat each other like two biker gladiators, Yen armed with a shovel and Woods using a sledgehammer. To top it
off, another classic fight between these two occurs with the old Kai Tak airport serving as background while planes land and take off. No holds barred in this fight. Yen’s signature kicking style is evident, combined with wrestling moves, wind up punches, leg tackles and flips, as Woods pounds him into the concrete numerous times. Finally, Woods misjudges and flies off a multi-story building. Yen had free reign in choreographing the fight scenes and they have realism and raw power.

Director: Yuen Wo-ping
Cast: Donnie Yen, Cynthia Khan, Yuen Yat-chor, Michael Wong Man-tak, Yuen Sun-yi, Wong Kwan, Cho Wing, Michael Woods, John Salvitti, Eddie Maher, Chiu Hau,
Stephan Berwick

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