Kurt Russell, Tim Roth being cold while filming 'The Hateful Eight'

Quentin Tarantino brings some of his old favorites back to the big screen for "The Hateful Eight," with a cast including Deathproof's Kurt Russell and Pulp Fiction's Tim Roth.

The two actors return to a Tarantino set for more of his trademark dark, dialogue-heavy script, which has earned the director a Golden Globe nomination for best screenplay.

Kurt Russell speaks highly of the lines and language.

"You did a scene - we did one - where the rhythm of the scene is the most important thing about it. The rhythm itself is as much the value of what the watcher is getting as anything else. It tells you everything you need to know."

"The Hateful Eight," which has three Golden Globe nominations, is currently in third place at the U.S. box office, taking 16 million dollars in its first weekend in wide release.

Early this week, the movie garnered 4 awards in the Capri-Hollywood international Film Festival, including Best Movie, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Score.

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