Mismatched Couples

 Mismatched Couples

1985 (Lead)

This lightweight comedy capitalized on the breakdancing phenomenon. A very young Donnie Yen tries to romance an upper class girl while also arranging a match for his sister. In the interim there are lots of juvenile and silly pranks and comedic gags. Yen’s flexibility, agility and grace are on display, from him putting on his shoes to riding a bicycle. And there’s lots of breakdancing fu as Yen combines breakdancing and martial arts when he takes on a rival (Kenny Perez) in a dance off at a party. An insane macho streetfighter obsessed with being the top dog keeps challenging Yen until they finally duke it out in a gym, using western boxing and tae kwan do kicks, as well as numerous props, as weapons the rope of a boxing ring, weights, a trampoline and a jump rope. Yen is thrown, trapped, and pulled, but eventually wins the day. It’s an astonishing performance. Yen also exhibits crackerjack comic timing.

Director: Yuen Wo-ping
Cast: Donnie Yen, Yuen Wo-ping, Kenny Perez, Wong Wan-si, Dick Wei

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