Mobile app for Malta's Neolithic Temples launched

A mobile application launched on Tuesday by the Maltese government allows visitors to UNESCO-designated temples in Malta access to an interactive audio-visual guide.

Launched by Malta's Parliamentary Secretary for competitiveness and economic growth, Jose Herrera, the app will include Tarxien Neolithic Temples, an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980, as well as other megalithic temples on the island.

Developed by the startup Otus, and a first of its kind for local cultural heritage in Malta, the app is essentially a human-centred guide that provides information about the site including artefacts found both physically on site or displayed at the National Museum of Archaeology.

Visitors can download a free version of the app from Google Play Store or App Store.

Herrera emphasized that the government was giving all its support to initiatives that can help stimulate social innovation through technical entrepreneurship and technology.

Otus received funding for the project from Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) and Heritage Malta.

The Tarxien Temples, which date to around 3150 BC, are located in Tarxien, Malta.

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