'Monkey King 2' to hit big screen on Feb. 8

"The Monkey King 2" in 3D will hit the big screen on Feb. 8th, the first day of the Chinese Year of the Monkey.
Poster of "The Monkey King 2" [Photo: mtime.com]
Like the first movie, it is also adapted from "Journey to the West," one of China's four literary classics.
Aaron Kwok, Chung Him Law, Feng Shaofeng and Xiao Shenyang are starring in the film.
Kwok, a Hong Kong entertainment heavyweight, says he felt enormous pressure playing the main character, as many actors have already created various images of the Monkey King.
"I have not starred in such a challenging film for more than 20 years. The demands from both a physical and mental perspective were huge. I will have no regrets about my acting career after playing this role."
Mainland actor Feng Shaofeng plays Tang Sanzang, a monk with a sense of humor. In the film he is the master of three apprentices.
During filming, Feng was injured after falling from his horse.
"I was on the horse. And then the pig played by Xiao Shenyang showed up with a bunch of beauties, frightening the horse, which reared up. He stared at me dumbfounded. Actually, I was stunned at that time and my mind went blank after the fall."
He returned to shooting about 10 days later.
The monkey king, staring Donnie Yen, was released in 2014.
This new film, with a brand new cast, is expected to tell a different story.

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