Peking opera meets martial arts

THIS is the latest Sino-Hollywood collaboration, a kung fu movie about Peking Opera directed by Gao Xiaosong, renowned songwriter and the most outspoken judge on the popular TV show "China's Got Talent."

English subtitle is availed.

It's set in the 1920s in Shanghai and centers on two brothers, Erkui and Yilong, who are trained in Peking Opera and martial arts and become sensations on the stage along with beautiful actress Xi Mulan.

However, their collective pasts catch up with them and all three end up in a complex web of love, lust, deceit and betrayal.

Release date: September 9

Starring: Wu Chun, Han Geng and Barbie Hsu

Where to watch: Cinemas: Yonghua Cinema, Shanghai Film Art Center, Stellar Cinema City, Studio City Cinema, Peace Cinema, Cathay Theater, Grand Cinema,
Broadband International Cineplex.

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