The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate is an upcoming wuxia film directed by Tsui Hark and starring Jet Li, Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, Li Yuchun, Kwai Lun-mei, Louis Fan and Mavis Fan. The film is a remake of Dragon Gate Inn (1966) and New Dragon Gate Inn (1992). Production started on October 10, 2010 and will be filmed in 3 D.


Jet Li as Zhou Huai'an
Zhou Xun as Ling Yanqiu
Chen Kun as Yu Huatian
Li Yuchun as Gu Shaotang
Kwai Lun-mei as Tribal princess
Louis Fan as Ximen killer
Mavis Fan as Jin Xiangyu
Wu Di
Zhuang Guoqi
Li Yuan as Stunt double/Stuntman

ProductionAlthough this film is based on the story of 1992's New Dragon Gate Inn, Tsui denied that this film will be a remake of the old classic but more of a re-imagine. Tsui also worked on the screenplay in addition to directing and producing the film, to ensure the originality of the story.Before Jet Li was signed on for the role of Zhou Huai'an, Tsui reportedly offered the role to Donnie Yen but he turned it down due to the fact he doesn't wish to be in sequels/remakes of previous films he has already worked on. Jet Li was signed with US$ 12 million contract to start in this film.Li explained his reason for joining this film stating,

“ This film will be shot entirely in 3D, being the first time 3D is employed in a wuxia film, I'm curious to see to how far a 3D wuxia film can go. I look forward to seeing how technology would inject a new lease of life into the film industry.

I have acquired an affinity with wuxia since young, which led me onto the path of filmmaking, and thereby changing my entire destiny. Director Tsui Hark has placed me upon an enigmatic and vibrant stage, adding another layer of sentimental experience to my life. Stepping into this showbiz, allowed me to look at life from a different angle, and I have never felt that I had ever left the wuxia world.

Actress Zhou Xun was also quoted for her reason for joining this film and she explains,

“ I was moved to tears when I went through the script, and Tsui Hark's wuxia world has always mesmerized me immensely. And it's often said that Tsui Hark is especially great at creating female roles, if All About Women is a makeover for me, then Dragon Gate is a complete overhaul. I believe that there is a certain power that changes my heart through Lin Yan Qiu.”

Tsui also invited Chuck Comisky, the visual-effects supervisor for James Cameron's Avatar, as the 3-D director to manage the special effects.Comisky will lead a team of 3D crew from China, Korea, Singapore, Spain, etc.

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