The Sorcerer and the White Snake 3D

The Sorcerer and the White Snake, previously known as, It's Love and Madame White Snake is an upcoming film directed by Ching Siu-tung and starring Jet Li. It is based on the Chinese Legend of the White Snake. Production started in September 10, 2010 and ended on January 16, 2011. The film will be in 3-D and it is estimated to release at the end of the year.


* Jet Li as Reverend Fahai (法海)
* Huang Shengyi as White Snake (白娘子)
* Raymond Lam as Xu Xian (許仙)
* Charlene Choi as Green Snake (小青)
* Wen Zhang as Neng Ren (能忍)
* Jiang Wu as Turtle Devil (龜妖)
* Vivian Hsu as Snow Goblin (千年雪妖)
* Miriam Yeung as Rabbit Devil (兔妖)
* Chapman To as Toad Monster (蛤蟆怪)
* Law Kar-ying as Mysterious Herbalist (神秘藥師)
* Lam Suet as Chicken Devil (雞妖)
* Sonija Kwok as Bu Ming (不明)

Leading actors Ethan Ruan, Peter Ho, Mark Chao and Raymond Lam fought for the lead role in the film. In the end, Lam got the role. It was reported that Ruan and Chow were dropped as they were deemed to be not well known enough in China and Ho's image did not suit the male lead.

Jet Li was announced to be part of the cast during early pre-production however his role was not revealed until September 2010, when some actors' roles were
announced including Jet Li as Fa Hai, Eva Huang as White Snake, Raymond Lam as Xu Xian, Charlene Choi as Green Snake and Wen Zhang, whom Li invited to play
his disciple Neng Ren.

Regarding the action scenes, Jet Li said he had never been this exhausted before. Li says, “ After fighting the White Snake, fight the Green Snake. After fighting the Green Snake, then fight the Demon. After fighting this Demon, then fight another Demon. After fighting this Demon, then fight the Water Monster. Everyday on set I was letting out a big sigh.”

Raymond Lam said he was always being hit by others, “ Especially Ah Sa, she even requested for the director to add fight scenes. As a result, added scenes to hit me! Furthermore she fought much more fiercely than before!”

Filming wrapped on January 16, 2011. Originally titled Madame White Snake in English, the film logo was unveiled during the production wrap press conference with the new official English title, It's Love. However, the English title was changed to The Sorcerer and the White Snake when the distributor was announced.

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