Academy president pledges action to add diversity in film industry

At the 88th Oscars ceremony on Sunday night, Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs vowed to take action to add diversity to the film industry.

"The Oscars celebrate the storytellers who have the opportunity to work in a powerful medium of film, and with that opportunity comes responsibility. Our audiences are global and rich in diversity. And every facet of our industry should be as well," Isaacs said.

The Academy has been under fire since it revealed the all-white nominees list in January.

Dozens of protestors calling for diversity in the entertainment industry rallied Sunday afternoon at a location not far from the Dolby Theatre, the site of the Academy Awards Ceremony.

"The Academy Board of Governors recently took concrete actions and sent a message that inclusion only serves to make us all strong and it is important that the members of the Academy, everyone in this room, help to deliver that message," he said. "We must take action."

The Academy Awards has long been criticized as "White-dominated," though the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced a series of changes to its voting and membership procedures aimed at doubling its female and "diverse" membership by 2020.

This year's ceremony is hosted by black actor Chris Rock and many presenters are minorities.

A study of University of California, Los Angeles released early February found that minorities "remain under-represented on every front," including film directors, film writers, motion picture and TV performers, and show creators.

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