Argentine jeweler turns tech trash into wearable art

Argentine electronic technician and jeweler Hernan Bressan combines electronics, art and environmental protection together by transforming discarded technological hardware into wearable art in the shape of jewelry and accessories.

Bressan's company Electron Memories recycles small electronic components that no one usually notices because they are buried deep inside computers, and turns them into cutting-edge earrings, rings, pendants and key chains.

"It began after I found a computer server that was dropped in the street," Bressan told Xinhua. "The server I found was a great computer, and I thought to myself this cannot be dumped in the street," he said.

That's when he decided to salvage the parts and give them a new purpose.

"The idea is that when someone wears an electronic piece that has been recovered and reutilized, others can see beyond the item's uselessness to its artistic expression," Bressan said.

He gains inspiration from a range of electronic gadgets such as computer components and mobile phones, and there is no shortage of material for him since new versions of electronic products are constantly being produced.

He hopes his initiative "helps to dissuade people from throwing things out in the street."

"They should take them to a place like my workshop where I recycle and reuse them in an artistic way, or to a place where they take out the raw material for recycling," Bressan said.

He takes pride in each piece of his electronic art and regards it as "part of my family."

He currently has seven different collections, all of which combine a passion for technology, art and environmental protection.

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