Circus Kids

Circus Kids

1994 (Featured)

The story follows a circus troupe displaced during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai. Yen plays the righteous constabulary who unknowingly assists the local criminal element when the troupe runs afoul of them. But when Yen falls for Wu Ma’s daughter (Fenny Yuen), he figures out what’s up and helps the troupe. The group hangs together while the high-flying acrobatics and circus stunts amuse. The martial arts action, interspersed throughout, is entertaining, especially the multiple fights with the opium traders that climax the movie.

Look for Yen’s early fighting when he runs down a thief with fellow officers and later when he comes to the rescue of the troupe at story’s climax; one of the villains Yen takes down is a greedy Brit played by Hong Kong Action Cinema author Bey Logan.

Director: Wu Ma
Cast: Yuen Biao, Donnie Yen, Wu Ma, Irene Wan Pik-ha, Lily Lee Li-li, Lin Wei, Ken Lo Wai-kwong, Wu Ying-man

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