'Eddie the Eagle' premieres in New York

Hugh Jackman showed up Tuesday night at an intimate premiere for his new movie "Eddie the Eagle."

The film tells the story of British ski jumper Eddie Edwards and his journey to the 1998 Winter Olympic Games.

Edwards was the first to represent Great Britain in ski jumping at the Olympics, though he came in last place in both the 70 and 90 meter events. Jackman who plays Eddie's trainer said he loves the winter games and admires the athlete.

"I'm a huge Olympics fan. I grew up in Australia, fair to say that winter Olympics is not our greatest strength, but I was still really into it. I remember Eddie. I remember watching it. But when you really understand his story, what he went through, and what pressure he was under at the thing. It is mind-blowing what he did."

"Eddie the Eagle" is set to open in US theaters on Friday and in Chinese theaters on March 18th.

It's been reported that the actors are also scheduled to promote their movie in Beijing on March the 9th, which marks Hugh Jackman's third time in the country.

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