'Goat' premieres at 66th Berlin Film Festival

Nick Jonas' latest movie "Goat" had a special premiere on Wednesday at the Berlin Film Festival.

The movie, directed by Andrew Neel, casts a stark light on the concept of fraternity houses and follows the initiation and "hazing" that comes as a consequence of this. It is brutal and unflinching in its depiction of the violence and bullying that occurs in the initiation stages.

Although Jonas didn't attend a college, he says it is pretty easy to empathize with the gang mentality.

"I think any time you grow up with siblings as close in age as we were there is that sense of fraternity life in some sense and plus we worked together for so long and spent a lot of our really impressionable years together. So there was definitely training ground there for that. I spoke to a lot of people in fraternities, watched "Frat House" a documentary that really helped us to get some perspective."

"Goat" is screening out of competition at the 66th Berlin Film Festival, which ends on Sunday with the Golden and Silver Bear awards announced.

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