Japanese film 'Saint Seiya' to hit Chinese screen

Toei Animation's CG animated feature film "Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary" will finally make its debut in China, after it released in Japan in June of 2014.

A trailer has been released recently, showing the main cast using their classic skills.

Based on the Japanese iconic animation TV series "Sanctuary Seiya", "Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary" will surely arouse the childhood memories of many young people in China who were born after 1980.

In addition to reveal the origin of the 12 saints and Goddess Athena, the movie will also tell a story where the Saints must pass through the 12 Zodiac Temples in Athena's Sanctuary in 12 hours, in order to save their goddess Athena from imminent death.

The film is directed by Keiichi Sato, while original creator Masami Kurumada wrote the script for the movie.

The movie will hit theaters on Feb. 26, and the screening will be in Japanese with Chinese subtitles.

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