Sichuan Opera makes debut at Aberdeen's oldest theater

Chinese Sichuan Opera performers received warm applause at Tivoli Theater, the oldest in the Scottish city, on Saturday night.

Several classic episodes were performed for the audience, many of whom were having a taste of the famous Chinese cultural heritage for the first time.

The program includes "Gong Hui," which tells a love story between the daughter of a dragon king and a young man, and "Jinshan Temple," a short part from "The Legend of the White Snake," a romantic tragedy of a snake-turned woman.

The show has enlisted the help of Chinese teachers from a local Confucius Institute to translate the lines.

Kinberley Petric, a dancer in Aberdeen, told Xinhua: "The performance was wonderful and completely different; their facial expressions are very good, especially eye contact, which I think is something that we have lost."

Brian Hendry, owner of the Victorian era theater, said: "It was a terrific performance and I enjoyed it. Their costumes and choreograph are good, and the subtitles are very funny."

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