Wing Chun


1994 (Featured/Action Director)

This version of the Wing Chun story reunites Donnie Yen with Michelle Yeoh. Yeoh plays Yim Wing-chun, founder of the Wing Chun martial arts style. Yen, her former childhood sweetheart, reappears as her faithful but confused intended, Leung Pok-to. Wing-chun has difficulty in the mating game because of her exceptional martial arts skills (plus dressing as a man); her aunt, Abacus Fong, has troubles as well because of her vinegar personality. Wing-chun rescues the docile Charmy, and Pok-to mistakes Charmy for Wing-chun; to complicate matters, Charmy falls for Pok-to but is grateful to Wing-chun, and goofy scholar Wong Hok-chow pursues Wing-chun while Abacus Fong is smitten with him. Meantime Wing-chun must contend with the bandits and their leader, Flying Chimpanzee, who also succumbs to Wing-chun’s charms. The story’s humor is provided by gender-bending and mistaken identities, unrequited love and the battle of the sexes; good acting and a general good feeling throughout offer surprising delight.

Most viewers wish Yen had more on-screen fight time, but as Wing-chun’s devoted and self-sacrificing lover, he plays soft to her harder screen time (and Yen was willing to take a risk playing against type). However, just as Pok-to supports Wing-chun, Yen himself creatively choreographed many of the action sequences. A noteable scene is Yen's fight on horseback in which he fends off a would-be kidnapper of Charmy; Wing-chun mistakes him for a peeping Tom after the kidnapper is put to flight. In the former action, Yen uses Northern Chinese Eagle Claw kung fu techniques against his opponent's Monkey kung fu style; in the latter, Yen uses Eagle Claw against Yeoh’s Wing Chun style. Yen also choreographed the complex action sequences in which Wing Chun defeats the Chimpanzee.

Director: Yuen Wo-ping
Cast: Michelle Yeoh, Donnie Yen, Waise Lee, Tsui Siu-keung, Catherine Hung Yan, Yuen King-tan, Yuen Cheung-yan

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