Zhang Ziyi slammed by step-daughter's mother

Zhang Ziyi's Valentine Day was not an easy one as she became embroiled in a controversy with her husband's ex-girlfriend for posting a happy family photo with her step-daughter.

The internationally famous actress posted a photo on her microblog on Feb. 15, in which she and her husband, veteran rocker Wang Feng and her step-daughter held hands together. Zhang captioned the photo: "Our Feb. 14," implying how they had happily spent Valentine Day as a family.

But the happiness didn't last long. Wang's supermodel ex, Ge Huijie, the biological mother of the girl, soon responded on her own microblog: "You have your own daughter but you didn't show her off; now, you held my daughter's hand to pretend you are happy? Why? Showing off 'happiness' with my ex-boyfriend and my child, are you stupid?"

She continued in another post, "Please show off your happiness with your own daughter, and don't pretend you are happy. What is your point of being happy for marrying such a man? Is it neccessary to fake a smile with my daughter? Do you need me to give you some media hype for cursing you? Leave her alone and shut up!"

The model was in a relationship with Wang and gave birth to their daughter in 2005 when she was 18. The two parted ways a year later, with Wang claiming Ge only wanted to seek fun and didn't know how to be a good wife and mother. The daughter was later handed over to Wang's mother to raise. Ge frequently attacked Wang on social network platforms over his alleged personality defects.

Zhang started dating Wang in 2013 and they married last year. On Dec. 27, Zhang gave birth to a baby girl.

After Ge's verbal attack, Zhang didn't respond. But Wang soon wrote a 1,000-word statement to condemn his ex-girlfriend.

"I kept silent all these years as you repeatedly cursed and insulted me and spread lies about me. I tolerated you for so long. The only reason I did so was because you are the mother of my daughter and I should respect a mother. We choose different ways of life, but this doesn't mean we need to be enemies. We are human and we should do things human do, being nice and good, and be tolerant to each other."

Wang said he wanted to keep his daughter's fond memories of her biological mother and keep her mental state healthy to avoid hurt. However, Ge responded with further capricious attacks. Wang also pointed out Ge didn't care for her daughter or know anything about her personality, including her favorite colors, her exam scores, birthday wishes and so on.

"And don't attack innocent Zhang Ziyi. She is my wife and the one I respect. If you want to attack me, be my guest, but don't hurt my family, don't hurt the one who is really nice and gives love to your daughter. You should be grateful there is someone who really loves her. When our daughter is alone and helpless, Ziyi will give her mother love and gifts and help her study. It's not easy for her to do so. I'm so grateful for everything she has done."

Wang asked Ge to leave his family alone, "You must not hurt my family, you must remember the bottom line. This is my first and last words to you."

But Ge didn't finish and continued to fight back: "Don't be hypocritical. After all I believe in the blood line and my thinking of her is more realistic than social status and distance. I have not seen my daughter for more than a year and I called several times to ask for a visit but I never made it. I only wanted to see my daughter, that's all. For the rest, it's good if you are happy!"

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