Aussie Oscars winners receive 'gold statue' treatment on Qantas flight home

Australia's national airline Qantas has treated Australia's latest academy award winners to a first class tribute on their flight home to Australia overnight.

The Qantas flight, from Los Angeles to Sydney, had its callsign renamed 'Oscar One' in place of its usual QF12 in a tribute for the Oscar winners on board the flight - who were upgraded to first class for the flight home.

Meanwhile each of the little gold statuettes - weighing 3.8 kilograms apiece - were given their own boarding pass, with the printed name OSCAR/MR. However, they were not allocated a seat and were still required to be placed in the overhead compartments for take-off and landing.

A Qantas spokesperson said the airline took "great pride" in transporting the winners, along with their precious cargo, back home to Australia in style.

"The Qantas team takes great pride and is well versed in the carriage of significant carry-on items travelling with our passengers," she said.

"They may well offer the statuettes a refreshing moist towellette on descent."

Australian film "Mad Max: Fury Road" swept the award event, winning six categories at the Oscars in Los Angeles earlier this week, including best film editing, best production design, best costume design, best makeup and hairstyling, best sound mixing and best sound editing.

All but one of the Australian winners were on the renamed flight back to Sydney from Los Angeles.

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