Blade-dance of the Two Lovers

aka: Yuan Yang Dao [鸳鸯刀], Yun Yeung Dou [鴛鴦刀], Uyen Uong Dao, Sepasang Golok Mustika, Blade-Dance of the Lovers.


The Lovers' Sabres, which is also known as The Twin Sabres and The Blade-Dance of Two Lovers, is one of the three short wuxia stories in the Jin Yong canon (the other two being White Horse Neighing in the West Wind and The Sword of the Yueh Maiden). It was written in 1961.


What do a overly-cautious chief escort, four strange brothers, a feuding couple, a pathetic scholar and a proud teenager have in common? Why, their quest for the Twin Sabres, of course! Famed for their ability to turn the person who wields them into an unparalleled pugilist, this pair of blades eventually turns out to be more than anyone has ever bargained for.

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