Flash Point

 Flash Point


One man; one car; tearing down the road like a flash of lightening.The man; Jun Ma, Detective Sergeant, Serious Crimes Unit. Like the sports car he controls Jun is fast, precise and brutal - harnessing a horse power that fears to be unleashed. Jun detests crime and his life long nemeses are a Vietnamese gang of three brothers - eldest brother Archer, the bully; second brother Tony, the cool calculator; youngest brother Tiger, the fighter. Their skills have seen them grow steadily in the criminal world. In order to further infiltrate the gang and fight them from within, Jun has planted a mole, Wilson, who has managed to gain the complete trust of the gang and has become their personal bodyguard. Over the years Wilson has become more and more unhappy with Jun's impulsive and unruly style, their disagreements in their way of working has led to constant arguments and altercations.

Director : Wilson Yip
Action Director : Donnie Yen
Cast :Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Fan Bingbing, Collin Chou, Ray Lui, Xing Yu, Xu Qing, Lin Guo-bin, Irene Wong, Xia Ping, Timmy Hung

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