Highlander: Endgame

 Highlander: Endgame

Yen was signed to play the character ‘Jin’ in the latest installment of the Highlander series. He also worked as martial arts choreographer on the film, which was shot in Romania.

The original Highlander introduced Immortal swordsman Connor McCleod, played by Christopher Lambert, while the subsequent TV series starred Adrian Paul as his cousin Duncan. Highlander: Endgame picks up the threads of the Highlander mythos and reunites the two most famous Immortals. They must join forces to confront a new enemy, played by Bruce Payne, and his band of rogue Immortals, which includes the mysterious Jin. The film stars Christopher Lambert, Adrian Paul and Bruce Payne.

Yen contributed to the development of his character. Inspired by the assassin who fails (and appearing recently in The Emperor and the Assassin), Yen gave Jin Confucian values and made him an honorable man. Look for him in fight sequences and dramatic scenes.

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