Ip Man 2

  Ip Man 2

2010 (Lead)

Release Date: 2010.04.29


During the Sino-Japanese War, Ip Man (Donnie Yen) protected the dignity of Chinese by his wushu (martial art). As he had beaten the Japanese army and made
them mad, he had to escape. After the war, the family lived in Foshan and experienced hardship. Ip therefore went to Hong Kong to start a new page with his
family in 1949.Ip’s family arrived Hong Kong. Fortunate enough to have Leung Kan (Pierre Ngo), the chief editor of a newspaper, lending his roof to him for
teaching Wing Chun there. A young man Wong Leung (Huang Xiao Ming) gathered a few of his boxing friends and asked Ip to be their master. Ip then had his
first group of pupil.Wong Leung is so young and angry with a rough, Cheng Wei Ki (Dennis To), he invited him for a fight. Cheng was beaten by Wong
completely. He felt indignation at Wong, therefore he kidnapped Wong to fish market. Ip rushed to fish market alone to save Wong. The person-in-charge the
fish market, Master Hung (Sammo Hung), and his friend Fatso (Kent Cheng) came with a gang of people asking who had hurt his pupil, Cheng. Hung blamed Ip and
claimed Ip has to accept challenges from masters of all wushu type within the time of burning a joss stick before teaching wushu in Hong Kong.Ip knew this is
an inevitable fight. Although his wife, Cheung Wing Sing (Xiong Dai Lin) was so worry from the bottom of her heart, she did not say a word. Ip accepted the
challenge in a Chinese restaurant. Hung was the last one who fought with Ip. It was a close fought match that the combat has no result even after the joss
stick finished burning. Hung admired Ip’s Kungfu and allowed Ip to open his own wushu institute after submitting a membership fee.Superintendent was the
host of “King of Boxing Competition”. The next day, he visited the venue where the “King of Boxing Competition” would take place with his friend, Tyler
Milos, nicknamed Twister. Master Hung was helping him on organizing the event while took care of security.

On the other hand, a piece of news reported Hung’s combat with. Details with pictures were reported. The newspaper said both Hung Quan and Wing Chun are
about on a par. Hung then told Cheng to make trouble in Ip’s institute on the roof. Leung Kan experienced a lot of pressure from the community; he had no
choice but asked Ip to leave the roof. Ip decided to continue his Wing Chun lesson.In a small park of the district, the community was watching Ip and his
pupils practicing Wing Chun. Hung respected Ip’s insistence. He gave Ip a ticket of “King of Boxing Competition” to show his friendliness to Ip.Ip Man
brought Chow Kong Yiu (Calvin Cheng) and Wong Leung to watch the competition. Twister’s performance was so well that he finally became the “King of Boxing
”. After the competition, Cheng and other subordinates performed wushu moves as an entertainment. Thinking they are not performing practical wushu, Twister
got on the stage and beat and teased Cheng and others. Hung was so angry that asked Twister to apologize. He refused and claimed that he would beat Master
Hung to death in three punches. Hung then agreed for the fight. As Twister could not beat Hung in few moves, he became more and more annoying. Hung’s power
started to lose that made everyone worried about him. Hung would rather die to surrender. Twister finally punched Master Hung hard and made him fell on the
ground. Chow Kong Yiu wrote on the paper blaming the police on protecting the westerns and their racial discrimination. This report provoked the anger of
Chinese people. The protest against western continued. In order to stop this chaos, the superintendent decided to organize a Kungfu competition. He aimed to
let Twister to beat all types of Chinese wushu in front of the public. Ip decided to challenge Twister. He swore to claim back the indignity of Chinese wushu
and Chinese people.After this combat, Wing Chun became more famous in Hong Kong. More and more people of difference classes and countries came to join Ip’s
institute because of his reputation. Ip taught all he knew to every pupil. In 1956, Chow Kong Yiu brought a young man to see Ip and be his pupil. This is the
one who introduced Chinese wushu to overseas. He is the super star of the era, Bruce Lee.

Producer : Raymond Wong
Director : Wilson Yip
Action Director : Sammo Hung
screenwriter : Edmond Wong
Art Direction : Ken Mak
Music Direction : Kenji Kawai
Cast : Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung, Darren Shahlavi, Siu-Wong Fan, Lynn Hung, Xiaoming Huang

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