Lu Han wraps up 'Reloaded' China Tour in Beijing

Chinese pop star Lu Han wrapped up the first leg of his 'Reloaded' tour in Beijing Saturday night.

During his first solo concert since he broke away from South Korean boyband EXO, the 25-year-old singer brought over 15 songs to the stage.

Fans were thrilled over Luhan's performance of several hits, such as 'That Good Good,' 'Your Song,' 'Medal,' and 'The Inner Force.'

He also showcased his rendition of Westlife's 'Unbreakable' and Adam Levine's 'Lost Stars' adding his youthful and manic energy into the English hits.

Veteran actor Deng Chao, who is Lu Han's co-star in the popular reality show 'Running Man' made a surprise appearance on the stage.

The duo excited the fans with a collaboration on the actor's signature song 'Superhero.'

Another climax came as Lu Han and his fans jointly broke the Guinness World Records, honored as the largest amount of people wearing deer antler decorations at the same time.

The idol concluded the concert with his debut solo song 'Our Future.'

Lu Han's 'Reloaded' China Tour will land in Guangzhou on April 2nd, and in Shanghai on April 9th.

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