'Mr Muffin' tackles delicate topics

Death is a topic most people would prefer to avoid, especially with children. But the Danish stage show “Goodbye, Mr Muffin” seeks to change all this though with its refreshing, kid-friendly take on life and death.

Since its debut 17 years ago, “Mr Muffin” has been performed in 24 countries. Now, it’s finally coming to Shanghai’s A.S.K. Theater.

Using an imaginative mix of puppetry, animation, music and acting, the story focuses on Mr Muffin, a guinea pig.

Once strong and proud, Mr Muffin grows tired and grey, and eventually can only sit alone in his house contemplating his life.

In an atmosphere of warmth, humor and respect, viewers witness the final days of this beloved creature. Mr Muffin’s message to the audience is that he’s had a good life and is unafraid of death.

The play has been praised for its gentle, compassionate and direct handling of an important yet seldom-discussed topic.

“This is a play that evokes one’s tears from the laughter,” said Tony Reekie, the art director at A.S.K.

Beside the play, the theater is also hosting an exhibition from Chinese and Italian artists.

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