Painted Skin

Painted Skin


While fighting a war in the desert, Chen Kun, a general of Central Plains, saves a beauty Zhou Xun and brings her home. He doesn't know her true identity - a thousand year fox spirit. In Chen Kun's house, Zhou Xun meets his wife Vicky Zhao. In order to have Chen Kun to herself, not only does she mask her needs for a human heart daily to sustain her beauty, but also frames Vicky Zhao, accusing her of being a demon, forcing a pill down her throat, turning her pale white.
Vicky Zhao couldn't clear her name, and gradually loses Chen Kun's affection, and could only stand by watching Zhou Xun and Chen Kun whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears. Sun Li, who possesses the special ability of third eye is able to tell Zhou Xun's true nature, but no one buys her story. In the process of rescuing Vicky Zhao, she runs into martial arts exponent Donnie Yen. The two join forces against the demons.

Source Material : Pu Song-ling

Director : Gordon Chan

Action Director : Tung Wei

Costume designer : Wu Bao Ling

Cast :Donnie Yen, Qi Yuwu, Zhao Wei, Xun Zhou, Sun Li, Chen Kun

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