'Port of Call' wins Best Picture at HKFCS awards ceremony

The 22nd Hong Kong Film Critics Society (HKFCS) Awards Presentation took place here on Monday, and "Port of Call" won the Best Picture.

The movie is a 2015 Hong Kong crime thriller film based on a real murder case, with the cast Jessie Li and Michael Ning having won the Best Actress and the Best Actor, respectively.

In addition, Hark Tsui won the Best Director award for "The Taking of Tiger Mountain," while Sylvia Chang and Yukihiko Kageyama won the Best Screenplay for "Murmur of the Heart."

Chang said "Murmur of the Heart" reflected the cherished kinship, and she hopes to film more and more touching movies.

Given by the HKFCS annually since 1995, the awards are determined by votes cast in three rounds after a substantial discussion session between the members of the society.

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