'The Guest' makes a thrilling premiere in Beijing

Chinese-South Korean co-production "The Guest" premiered in Beijing on Sunday with a thrilling reenactment of some of the movie's scenes.

"The Guest," a crime-thriller by South Korean director Lam Dae-Woong, tells the story of an unlicensed taxi driver who begins stalking a white collar worker that may be involved with a gruesome murder.

The film stars Chinese actors Leon Lai and Geng Le and South Korean actress Han Chae-Young. Director Lam Dae-Woong and actor Geng Le reenacted some of the movie's scenes with mannequin boards of Leon Lai and Han Chae-Young, who were absent from the premiere conference due to scheduling conflicts, including the smashing of a small car made of ice meant to represent the main character's unlicensed taxi with hammers.

The distributors were confident in the film and offered to give a refund to anyone not scared by the film.

"The Guest" is produced by Ahn Byeong-ki, a South Korean horror film director and producer. It will hit Chinese theaters on April 1, 2016.

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