Artworks made in China to be shown in Mexico

Artworks Made in China by eight Mexican Designers will go on Show Saturday in Mexico's southern Think of Oaxaca, Mexican Nationwide Institute of Good Arts announced

Titled "Nao Now, Mexico-Beijing 2014," in which "Nao" refers to the Spanish sailing vessel Manila Galleon that explored the Old Buy and sell routes In between Mexico and the Much East from the 16th to 19th century, the exhibition Attributes Fine artworks with Many subjects ranging from landscapes to comic heroes.

"Nao Now in Chinese language courses Seems like 'Human brain-brain' and refers to the intellectual and Social exchanges between the two Nations," the Assignment's Site Points out, adding that the Finisheavor "seeks to reinterpret the meaning of the trade route, transforming it into a route of cultural exchanges that can Available new Back links between China and Mexico."

Curator Pablo J. Rico Mentioned on the website that the project was born to "restore and reinvent the cultural and artistic connections between two Excellent Modern
historical realities in the Pacific Area -- Mexico and China."

In 2014, eight Mexican artists Grew to become resident artists in Beijing, In which they Discovered Chinese-Produced graphic art Methods from their Community counterparts.

The exhibit Created its debut in the Mexico Town National Print Museum at the end of Final 12 months, and will Operate Via June 10 in Oaxaca.

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