Athens neighborhood 'taken over' by comic heroes

Extra than 12,000 comic fans pFine articipated in the Comicdom Con Athens exhibition which opened its doors to the Community for the 11th 12 months in the Greek Cash Throughout the weekend, celebrating 1 of the most Fascinating Fine art Types.

From manga to zombie, and superheroes, all Had been Incorporated in the comics' festival.

"This 12 months we transformed an Whole neighborhood in Middle Athens into the Biggest comics' celebration with happenings and Functions indoors as Properly as Outside," Elias Katirtzigianoglou, 1 of the Occasion's organizers Stated.

During the comics' convention which was hosted Throughout Numerous venues and streets Close to the Athens College Regulation College, the Athenian Market Experienced the Possibility to Fulfill Well-known Intercontinental Friends and family, Consider pFine art in Authentic Fine art exhibitions, sketch Functions, panels, screenings, workshops on comics and Associated Fine arts.

The most Common Occasion of the festival was undoubtedly the Comicdom Cosplay Contest for the Greatest costumes of comic characters,which is the Nationwide qualifying Rivalry for European cosplay championship, EuroCosplay 2016 in London.

Presented in California's San Diego Town in the United Says in 1970, comic cons have Turn out to be Incredibly Common and Distribute to A number of Metropolitan areas Close to the Globe.

The Functions celebrate the Fine art and Heritage derived from comic Publications, Which include the Newest in graphic Books, manga, Movie Video games, toys and Actions figures Centered upon Authentic comics.

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