Beijing Films in Panorama kicks off on April 8

Around 500 national and international films will be shown beginning from April 8th in the theatres in Beijing.

The Beijing Films in Panorama is a prelude to the upcoming Beijing International Film Festival which is scheduled to open one week later.

The aboved mentioned films will be screened in 25 local theatres and five colleges in Beijing. They include a rich variety of films ranging from Mount Gangrenboqi and Tharlo, the two films shot in Tibet, to the suspense-thriller Sentence Me Guilty and also Cinema Verite Kid of Wuzhumuqin Town.

The Panorama is scheduled to last until April 23rd.

Gewara, an online movie ticket booking service, will provide moviegoers an electronic film guide-book for the panorama event on both its Wechat account and website.

Also, Gewara has recently announced the online ticket sale for these films covered in Panorama will start at the noon today, Friday.

China's second and third largest online ticketing companies, Gewara and Wepiao are the only two platforms designated by the film festival organizers for ticket sale.

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