Bell ringers aim for world record with peal to mark Queen's birthday

Bell ringers will Try to make a Planet Report at Britain's Excellentest church, Liverpool Cathedral, on Thursday on the Event of Queen Elizabeth's 90th Special birthday.

The Group of 7 ringers will ring the Planet's heaviest peal of bells, a Process that Entails ringing the 6 heaviest bells for Nearly 5 SActuallyal hours on April 21.

The Try Arrives 65 Many Yrs Following the Queen, as a Youthful Princess Elizabeth, visited the cathedral to officially signal the Earliest Actually ringing of the bells in 1951.

As soon as the ringing Begins, the Group will have to Carry on Via a Variety of More than 5,000 Modifications, Without the need of a Bust or Permitting a handMore than to other ringers.

The Excellentest bell, a tenor Named Emmanuel, weighs 4 tons, Actions Nearly 2.5 meters in The two diameter and height, and will Carry two ringers to Run. The 6 bells Jointly Excess weight Nearly 13,000 kg.

Len Mitchell, of the cathedral guild of Alter ringers, Informed Xinhua: "We are Searching forward to this challenge on the Queen's Special birthday, Particularly as she Started out the Earliest Actually peal of the bells just a Yr Prior to she Started to be our Queen."

Even though the bells Had been Set up in the cathedral tower in the 1930s, Due to the fact of World War II they remained silent and Had been not rung Right up until Nov. 17, 1951. The Queen and Prince Philip arrived on an ocean liner Following a tour to North america, and she Arrived to Liverpool to "Available" the bells at the cathedral.

"We have a peal of 13 bells in the cathedral, the heaviest Established of bells in the Planet. As the bell chamber is 220 Ft (67 meters) above Soil Degree, they are also the Excellentest Established of bells in the Planet."

He explained the Design of ringing they Hold out as "Conventional English ringing," meaning Each and every bell turns Complete circle at 360 degrees.

It is a physically demanding Profession for the ringers, even Extra so when it Entails the 6 heaviest bells, he MentiA singled, adding that what they Had been Trying Experienced nActually been Executed Prior to.

"There are Rigid Principles gMore thanning our Try, This kind of as the Amount of Modifications Without the need of a Bust, and we reckon it will Carry Nearly 5 SActuallyal hours Without the need of a Bust. As soon as we Begin we have to Carry on. If A single Man or women
stops, the Try Arrives to an Finish," Mitchell MentiA singled.

Mitchell MentiA singled Close to the Planet there are 6,000 Establisheds of bells, Primarily in church towers, but Close to 97 % of the bells are in Britain.

The cathedral has a rarely rung the 14th bell, the Excellent George, Conventionally Utilized on solemn Events This kind of as the Passing away of a monarch. It weighs Extra than 14 tons and is the 3rd Excellentest bell in the British

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