Captain America heading for China in April

Anthony and Joe Russo- the sibling director duo behind Marvel's Captain America franchise have announced plans to promote the latest "Captain America: Civil War" in China.

Russo Brothers have revealed on their weibo account that main cast Captain America-Chris Evans, Winter Soldier-Sebastian Stan and Falcon-Anthony Mackie are also joining them.

They are scheduled to meet with media in Beijing on April 19 and unveil the release date of the superhero movie in China at the conference.

This is not the first time that Russo brothers promote their film in China.

They made their first trip to Beijing in 2014, promoting "Captain America: The Winter Solider".

Russo Brothers have recently launched their plans for a startup studio that will be in partnership with two Chinese entertainment companies.

The startup studio, Anthem & Song, with offices in Los Angeles and Beijing, aims to produce and create Chinese language films.

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