'Chongqing Hot Pot' wins top viewers ratings

The box office of Chinese actor Chen Kun's latest film 'Chongqing Hot Pot' has surpassed 152 million yuan, or over 23 million US dollars, in just four days.

This low-budget film has been acclaimed as the top rated and best word-of-mouth flick during the "Tomb-sweeping Day" public holiday in China.

Featuring the mainland's biggest stars, including Chen Kun, Bai Baihe and Qin Hao, the film has won top viewers' ratings on major domestic ticketing platforms.

And thanks to the strong recommendation, ticket sales of the film keep rising.

Celebrities including director-writer Han Han, and writer Liu Liu have introduced and spoke highly of the film on their microblog.

Set in southwestern China's Chongqing, the film centers on three high school classmates who open a hotpot restaurant in an old bomb shelter.

The story develops as their business turns out to be a glorious failure, and they decide to rob a bank and fix their money problems.

'Chongqing Hot Pot' opened in the mainland on April 1st.

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