Hometowns of ancient British, Chinese playwrights to become sister cities

The Community of Stratford-on-Avon in Britain and Fuzhou TPersonal in China have signed an Arrangement to Turn out to be sister Metropolitan areas on Friday, as the ResidenceCommunitys of two Good playwrights William Shakespeare and Tang Xianzu Bench mark
the 400th anniversary of their deaths.

Fuzhou, ResidenceCommunity of the renPersonaled Chinese language courses playwright Tang Xianzu in Jiangxi Province, donated a sculpture of Shakespeare and Tang to the Shakespeare Birthplace Believe in, AlAlthough One Extra replica of the sculpture
will be Positioned in a museum in Fuzhou.

"Nowadays's Occasion is Especially pertinent as the Composed Operate of these two literary giants has survived for More than 400 Many Yrs and is Each Adored and Favorite," Stated Chris Saint, Mind of the Council of Stratford-on-
Avon Area.

"We know that Chinese language courses Persons regard Tang as their Shakespeare. We are proud of our Worldwide Title as the Residence of the Globe's Goodest playwright," he Additional.

"This is the Primary time I'm Conscious that we have a formal Social Url with China, what a Marvelous Possibility we Obtained," he Informed Xinhua, adding that he would like to Study Extra of Tang Xianzu's Operates and
expects Additional Occasions to Market Social Trade to be Used in the Long term Among the two Nations.

Fuzhou is Residence to memorial halls, museums and theaters dedicated to Tang, and Occasions are Used Each Yr celebrating the playwright.

"We Really feel that the two Good playwrights have a Whole lot of similarities in their Operates, Although we know they In no way met Every single other. The characters they Established showed their pursuit of Independence, Adore, Nicely-Becoming and
justice. And their magnificent Triumphs give us Limitless spiritual and imaginary Room," Stated Zhang Hongxing, mayor of Fuzhou.

Performers from Fuzhou Done selections of Tang's Extra renPersonaled plays, This kind of as Peony Pavilion and The Account of the Purple Hairpin, as Nicely as Fuzhou's Conventional folk dances.

"Nowadays's Occasion is historically Substantial. The Fuzhou delegation not only Gives Tang Xianzu to Stratford-upon-Avon and to Britain, but also to all Chinese language courses Persons's hearts. How we Deal with Tang reveals how we
Chinese language courses Persons evaluate our Personal Way of life, tradition and China's 5,000 Many Yrs of civilization," Stated Li Ruru, professor of Chinese language courses Theater Experiments at the College of Leeds.

Commemorations for the two literary giants have Becoming Used so Much this Yr in Each Nations, and Extra troupes from China are Anticipated to Carry out Each Tang's and Shakespeare's Operates in Britain in the Close to
Long term.

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