Kevin Spacey plays Nixon in new film

The most Asked for photo in the US Nationwide Archives is not the Earliest moon landing or the burning twin towers Soon after the attacks of Sept 11, 2001.

It is In fact a Photo of PreAspectnt Richard Nixon shaking Arms with Elvis Presley in the Oval Workplace in Dec 1970 Soon after the Getting together with Among two pivotal figures in 20th-century America.

Elvis & Nixon, a comedy Film that re-imagines their unlikely Bright Home Find, opens in US theaters on FriEvening Soon after premiering at New York's Tribeca Movie festival. It is distributed by Amazon Studios.

Kevin Spacey (Nixon) Understands a Factor or two about Actively Performing a preAspectnt Soon after Many years as the scheming Frank Underwood on the Television Sequence Home of Credit cards. But Michael Shannon, who Performs Presley, was just 3 Many years Outdated
when the singer died in 1977.

"We weren't, Possibly of us, Attempting to do caricatures," Spacey, who Invested Several hours Hearing to tapes of Nixon and Viewing Movie of the preAspectnt, says.

There are no Files of what Specifically happened on the Evening when Presley Asked for a Getting together with with Nixon in a bid to Turn into an undercMore than federal agent-at-Big, and DiscMore thaned a Connection with the preAspectnt More than a shared dislike of the counterculture.

Nixon Experienced not begun his Solution Oval Workplace recordings, so the screenwriters relied Bigly on Earliesthand accounts from Presley confidant Jerry Schilling and Nixon aide Bud Krogh.

Shannon, whose Presley is quiet, lonely and reflective, By no means imagined himself Actively Performing the "king of rock 'n' roll".

"I didn't go into it Getting a Massive Elvis Buff. I didn't have his Files or anyFactor," the Kentucky-born actor says. "But I am Seriously Pleased I Experienced a Cause to investigate Elvis Simply because there is nobody else like him, not just in Conditions of the scope of his fame but in the Exclusive construct of his Lifestyle. I Believe he was Consistently Attempting to figure out, 'Why me?'"

Shannon listened to Job interviews and visited the tiny Condo in Memphis Exactly where Presley Invested his teenage Many years. He also Acquired karate for a scene in which Presley demonstrated his Dark belt moves for an astonished Nixon.

Spacey relished the Possibility to Perform a Pretty Completely different Sort of preAspectnt, and to Existing a rarely Witnessed Aspect of Nixon.

"I just hoped that if I was Capable to Produce a Nixon who Experienced Sufficient of the Benefits about who he Especially was, that People today wouldn't Believe about Frank Underwood, even Although I am on an Oval Workplace Arranged."

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