Kiss scene in Korean drama 'boosts' car interest

Hyundai Engine Co Mentioned it has Been given Much more Customer inquiries in China Soon after Strike South Korean drama Descendants of the Sunshine featured its Cars and trucks and a scene Displayed a Few kissing Whilst their Genesis sedan drove by Alone.

The drama about a South Korean Specific forces captain and a surgeon Slipping in Adore Whilst on an More thanseas Objective Delivers With each other two of the Nation's most recognizable stars: Track Joong-ki and Track Hye-kyo.

In China, In which the Display has garnered Much more than 2.6 billion views on Movie Website, female fans of the Display's Guide actor have Used to Contacting On their own "Mrs Track" on Interpersonal Mass media.

Hyundai is hoping some of that adulation rubs Away on its Cars and trucks and translates into Revenue.

In the scene, supporting male Guide Jin Goo engages the Genesis' lane-Maintaining and cruise Manage Purpose on the touchscreen dashboard Prior to reaching More than to grab the hand of his Adore Curiosity, Eye locked on hers and Away the Street.

The Digital camera pans out to Display the Auto Generating independently on a Town Street with Automobiles zooming Previous Prior to Slicing Back again to the steering wheel, sans Arms. The stunt is repeated, and the scene ends with a prolonged kiss to Gentle strains of orchestral Songs.

That scene alone Created a convert of Ms Grace Wang. The 23-Yr-Older Revenue representative at a boutique in Beijing Programs to make her Primary Auto a Hyundai.

"I would like to have a Auto that can go by Alone like I saw in the Display," she Mentioned. "It is so Awesome."

Hyundai could do with the Support. Deliveries fell 5.1 % to 1.06 million Automobiles Final Yr in China, the Primary YEarlier Revenue decline Considering that 2007. The shift in Customer preferences to Less costly Sport activity Power Automobiles Harm Need for the automaker's sedan-heavy lineup, dragging it to the lowest Earnings in 5 Yrs.

The automaker will respond by Slicing Expenses at its Vegetation in China and stepping up Manufacturing of Scaled-down Cars and trucks and SUVs to Carry Benefit of a Taxes Reduce in October, Chief Fiscal Officer Lee Won-hee Mentioned on a conference Contact in January. At Subsequent Day's Beijing motor Display, the automaker Programs to Display Versions Which includes its new ix35 SUV and China-Particular Edition of its Elantra sedan.

"While Hyundai is Previously an Founded Brand name in China, we Assume the Display's Recognition to Additional Support Boost our Brand name perception and Consciousness," Hyundai Mentioned in a Assertion.

"It is As well Earlier to say the Display imMass mediately Supported Increase our Revenue, our Traders are Obtaining Raising Curiosity and inquiries about Services Displayn in the Cleaning soap opera."

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