Live streaming performance popular in China

Live streaming web celebrities have become a phenomenon of the Internet age - with some experienced ones earning up to 9 million US dollars a year through their shows.

China has the world's largest number of internet users - around 668 million - many of whom follow their favourite performers every day.

But Sun Bowen, the General Manager of Qihuang Company, says becoming a live streaming performer, is not as hard as you might think.

"To become a live streaming celebrity you don't require much skill. As long as you have unique skills, for instance, singing, dancing, even cooking and swimming which could provide a live streaming topic, you will be able to obtain fans. It satisfies a desire of becoming well-known, that is why people struggle to be an online live streaming performer."

Experts says the real skill comes in making money through their performances.

It can sometimes take up to 100 hours broadcasting time per month to build a following, and that can take up most of their spare time.

And competition is fierce, with newcomers making about 300 US dollars per month.

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