'London Has Fallen' premieres in Beijing

New Hollywood action thriller "London Has Fallen" -- the sequel to 2013's "Olympus Has Fallen" has premiered in Beijing.

Director Babak Najafi and lead actor Gerard Butler have met with media in Beijing to promote the movie.

Gerard Butler reprises his role as secret service agent Mike Banning who once again single-handedly protects the US President.

However, Butler says his relationship with president in the sequel is different from the previous movie:

"I think that the first movie was more a story of redemption. Because as we start the movie I was no long the president's head of secret service, so I have to fight my way back in and show my loyalty and courage. But in the second movie, we are already tight. So I'm now his right hand man. But it's all but bond and relationship and trust"

Gerard Butler's portrait of strong man King Leonidas in 2006 fantasy war film"300" has made him very popular in China.

Meanwhile, Swedish director Babak Najafi has replaced Antoine Fuqua to take the helm of the sequel.

Najafi says he's hoping to work with Chinese kung fu star Jackie Chan.

"I was actually years ago practicing wushu. The reason I got started was obviously Jackie Chan. He also inspired me to work in movies. So that was 20 years ago still today I'm dreaming about doing that."

"London Has Fallen" opens in Chinese theaters next Friday.

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