'Mr. Six' wins big at China Film Directors Guild Awards

The seventh China Film Directors Guild Awards have wrapped up in Beijing, with domestic film 'Mr. Six' winning big at the gala.

This domestic action-thriller took home three trophies, including the Director of the Year for Guan Hu and Film of the Year.

Veteran director Feng Xiaogang won his second best actor title at the event, for his performance as the title role in the modern tale of 'Mr. Six' or Lao Pao'er in Chinese.

Released on December 24th last year, the film's total box office has surpassed 900 million yuan, or 139 US dollars.

And Bai Baihe has been crowned Actress of the Year for her role in 'Go Away Mr. Tumor' as a cartoonist who fights against a malignant tumor until she loses the battle at the age of 30.

This year's awards have seen more young faces than ever.

Emerging young director Gan Bi was honored for his debut feature 'Kaili Blues,' which follows a doctor on a journey in search of his brother's abandoned child and his colleague's old lover.

The China Film Director's Guild has long been working to cultivate young talent. The "Young Director Support Program" was launched last year, aiming to give more opportunities to rising directors.

The China Film Director Guild Awards have been handed out since 2005.

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