Mr. Vampire (1985)

 Mr. Vampire (1985)

Directed by Ricky Lau
Created by Sammo Hung Kam-Bo,
Mun-kai Ko
Composed by Ricky Lau,
Chuek-Hon Szeto,
Barry Wong,
Ying Wong
Starring Ching-Ying Lam,
Chin Siu Ho,
Ricky Hui,
Moon Lee
Tracks by Melody Traditional bank
Cinematography Peter Ngor
Editing by Peter Cheung
Distributed by 20th Century Fox Household Leisure
Discharge Day(s) 1985
Operating time 96 min

Mr Vampire, aka Geungsi Sinsang (僵尸先生) is a 1985 Hong Kong horror-Actions Movie directed and written by Ricky Lau.

The Movie's Achievement led to the Generation of a Mr. Vampire Operation, with 4 sequels directed by Ricky Lau from 1986 to 1990 and a New Mr. Vampire trilogy directed by Billy Chan and Leung Chung from 1987 to


Priest Kau (Lam Ching Ying) is engaged to Carry out a reburial for a deceased Wealthy Guy. With each other with his inept disciples Man Choi (Ricky Hui) and Tsau Tsang (Chin Siu Ho), Kau discovers that the corpse is Nevertheless Nearly intact and Appears alive. They Try to Avoid the corpse from Increasing but they fail and the corpse Gets a Jiang Shi (Chinese language "hopping" vampire).

The vampire runs amok and kills Guyy Persons. Kau Prospects his disciples on a brave Try to destroy the vampire. Man Choi is attacked by the vampire After and Nearly turns into A single Soon after Becoming infected by the vampire's Disorder. Meanwhile, Tsau Tsang is seduced by a female ghost and his Spirit is Nearly Used Aside. Kau has a Difficult time Working with his disciples' Complications and Placing an Finish to the vampire's rampage.


Extremely Achievementful at the time, Each at home and as a cult Movie Favored with overseas Fanatics of Hong Kong cinema, Mr. Vampire spawned 4 sequels, inspired Several parodies and homage Movies, and Presented the Past due Lam Ching Ying's character of the "One-Eyebrow Priest", the unibrowed Taoist exorcist he would portray not only in the Mr. Vampire sequels but in Guyy other, not necessarily rePast dued, Movies.


At the 1986 Hong Kong Film Awards, Melody Traditional bank won an award for Most excellent Authentic Film Rating. The Movie was nominated for 11 other awards at the Hong Kong Movie awards: Most excellent Image, Most excellent Screenplay (Barry Wong and Roy Szeto), Most excellent Director (Ricky Lau), Most excellent Cinematography (Peter Ngor), Most excellent Action Choreography, Most excellent Artwork Path (Sai Lok Lam), Most excellent Film Editing (Peter Cheung), Most excellent New Performer (Billy Lau), Most excellent Authentic Film Track (the song Gwai San Neung, or "Ghost Bride"), and two Most excellent Supporting Actor nominations (Billy Lau and Lam Ching Ying).

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