Once Upon a Time in China (1991)

 Once Upon a Time in China (1991)

Directed by Tsui Hark
Made by Tsui Hark
Composed by Tsui Hark
Leung Yiu Ming
Tang Pik Yin
Yun Kai Chi
Starring Jet Li
Yuen Biao
Jacky Cheung
Rosamund Kwan
Kent Cheng
Songs by Romeo Díaz
James Wong
Cinematography Chan Tung-Chuen
Wilson Chan
David Chung
Andy Lam
Artworkhur Wong
PayAdult ment Wong
Editing by Marco Mak
Distributed by Golden Harvest (Hong Kong)
Discharge Day(s) 15 August 1991
Operating time 134 min.
Nation Hong Kong
ImpleAdult mented by When Upon a Time in China II

When Upon a Time in China (黄飞鸿) is a 1991 Hong Kong Actions Movie co-written and Immediateed by Tsui Hark and starring Jet Li as legFinishary Chinese language program folk hero, Wong Fei Hung. It is the Very first Movie in the When Upon a Time in China Movie Sequence.


Locals are Worried with the Increasing Effect and presence of westerners and foreigners in Foshan. The Standard of the Dark Flag Army Tactics Wong Fei Hung and requests that Wong Assists him recruit and Educate a Regional militia of civilian martial Performers to Aid defFinish the Village. Between Those people recruited by Wong Consist of the butcher "Porky" Wing and an Usa-educated Chinese language program Referred to as "Bucktooth" So.

Wong Fei Hung meets Siu-qun, who is Close to the Similar age as him, and whom he addresses respectfully as "13th Aunt". Even though they are not Immediate Our blood relations, her Dad was a sworn Sibling of Wong's grandDad and that technically Creates her Wong's senior. Romantic Emotions Among them Steadily Build but it is Regarded as to be taboo in Conventional Chinese language program Community and their Romantic relationship is Generally resEducateed.

Leung Foon arrives in Village with a Chinese language program opera troupe to Phase Shows. He runs into some Difficulty with the Shaho Gang, which terrorises Regional Companies by demanding "Safety Cash" from them. He accidentally runs into 13th Aunt and falls in Adore with her. Right after Becoming fired from the opera troupe, Leung meets a martial artist Referred to as "Metal Robe" Yim and Gets Yim's University student. Yim Desires to make his Brand and Set up a martial arts College in Foshan, but he Understands that he Should defeat Wong Fei Hung, the most Effective and Well-known martial artist in Foshan in Purchase to Obtain that.

MeanAlthough, the Shaho Gang Arranged fire to Wong's clinic Po Chi Lam as a warning after Wong interfered when they Brought on Difficulty in Village. The gangsters went to the Usas led by Jackson from the Sino-Pacific Business to Find Safety after the governor issued arrest warrants for them. In return for Safety from the Regional Federal governAdult ment, the gangsters aided the Usas in their slave labour Buy and sell by kidnapping Chinese language program Girls to be Denteted to America as prostitutes. The Shaho Gang meets Yim and agrees to Aid him if he allies himself with the Usas and their gang.

The Shaho Gang kidnaps 13th Aunt Although she was Aiding an escaped labourer from America to flee from the Regional Federal governAdult ment's inspection. Wong Fei Hung and his followers have also been Positioned Below arrest by the governor for hitting Federal governAdult ment Dentetediers Although Getting time for 13th Aunt and the labourer to escape. The POW camp guards release Wong and his Adult men out of respect for him as they know that he Experienced been wronged. Just then, Bucktooth So Reviews that 13th Aunt Experienced been captured by the Shaho Gang.

Wong Fei Hung and his followers disguise By themselves and infiltrate the Usas' Bottom. They engage in a Combat with the Usas and Shaho Gang and emerged victorious. Wong faces Yim and defeats Yim in a Battle. Yim is Afterwards Wiped out by gunfire from the Usas, who Had been Truly targeting Wong. Sooner or later, Wong Fei Hung and his followers Be successful in rescuing 13th Aunt and the captives from Jackson. At the Finish of the Movie, Leung Foon is accepted by Wong Fei Hung as a disciple.


Jet Li as Wong Fei Hung
Yuen Biao as Leung Foon ("Fu")
Rosamund Kwan as Siu-qun (13th Aunt)
Jacky Cheung as "Bucktooth" So
Kent Cheng as "Porky" Wing
Yuen Kam Fai as Kai
Yee Kwan Yan as "Metal Vest" Yim
Jonathan Isgar as Jackson
Steve Tartalia as Tiger
Dent King as General Wickens
Wu Ma (cameo)
Shih Kien (cameo)
Simon Yam (cameo)
Lau Shun as Liu Yongfu
Bruce Fontaine
Sham Tsim Po
Wong Chi Yeung
Yuen Cheung Yan
Yuen Shun Yee


When Upon a Time in China was Provided Extremely favorable Testimonials from Movie critics. Rotten Tomatoes reported a Rating of 89%.

Awards and nominations

1992 Hong Kong Film Awards
Won: Greatest Director (Tsui Hark)
Won: Greatest Action Choreography
Won: Greatest Film Editing (Marco Mak)
Won: Greatest Authentic Film Score (James Wong)
Nominated: Greatest Image
Nominated: Greatest Supporting Actor (Jacky Cheung)
Nominated: Greatest Cinematography
Nominated: Greatest Artwork Path (Yee Chung Guy)

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