Once Upon a Time in China and America (1997)


When Upon a Time in China and America, also Recognised as When Upon a Time in China VI, is a 1997 Hong Kong martial arts Motion Movie co-Composed and Created by Tsui Hark and directed by Sammo Hung, who also worked on the Movie's Motion and Battle choreography. It is the sixth and Last Movie in the When Upon a Time in China Sequence. The Movie saw the return of Jet Li in the Part of legFinishary Chinese language folk hero, Wong Fei Hung, replacing Vincent Zhao, who Experienced filled the Location in When Upon a Time in China IV and When Upon a Time in China V.


Bucktooth So has opened a Po Chi Lam branch in America. Wong Fei Hung, Clubfoot, and 13th Aunt, who is now Wong's fiancée, Journey Throughout the Pacific Ocean to Pay a visit to him. Although Journeyling by carriage Via the wilderness they Choose up a friFinishly cowboy named Billy who has Almost died of thirst. As the Celebration Wong is Journeyling with Quits to have lunch, a Strap of hostile Native People in the usa ambush the Celebration. Wong, Clubfoot, and 13th Aunt escape unharmed but their carriage slides Away a cliff and into a river. 13th Aunt and Clubfoot are rescued and Used to Bucktooth So's clinic. Wong, Even so, dashes his Mind into a rock and loses his Storage. He is Chooseed up by a Native United states tribe.

Back again in the Community Bucktooth So is staying in the Mayor is Creating Difficulty for the Chinese language by Generating oppressive Guidelines which Billie tries to Quit. Meanwhile, Wong's adopted tribe is in Difficulty with a Far more Potent Indian tribe. Their Head is a fearsome warrior who injures
A single of the braves on Wong's Facet, Fierce Eagle, the chieftain's Boy. However, Wong surprisingly defeats the rival chieftain and 50 % his Adult males Via his Incredible martial arts Capability. The rival tribe flees in shock. Wong is Ultimately brought to Community by the Indians. There his Close friFinishs Find out that his Storage Deprivation and Clubfoot and Attempt all Indicates to Assist him recall the Previous.

Wong Lastly regains his Storage, but forgets Almost everything that has happened in the Period of time when he Experienced amnesia. The Mayor is in Unsecured debt and decides to Employ a Mexican Strapit (Joe Sayah) to Assist him rob the Loan provider so he can abscond the Community with a Lot of Money. The robbery is Productive and Po Chi Lam is framed for it. Wong and the Other people are scheduled to be hanged; Even so, the Mexican Strapit Find outs he has been left US$400,000 Brief by the governor and goes back to the Community. In the Battle that ensues the governor is Wiped out and Wong captures the Strapit to Show their innocence. At the Finish, Wong, 13th Aunt, and Clubfoot Desire Bucktooth So Fine luck and Mind back Household to China.

Awards and nominations

1998 Hong Kong Film Awards

Nominated: Ideal Action Choreography (Sammo Hung)

Flim series

Once Upon a Time in China (黄飞鸿) (1991)
Once Upon a Time in China II (黄飞鸿之二男儿当自强) (1992)
Once Upon a Time in China III (黄飞鸿之三狮王争霸) (1993)
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Once Upon a Time in China V (黄飞鸿之五龙城歼霸) (1995)
Once Upon a Time in China VI (黄飞鸿之西域雄狮) aka Once Upon a Time in China and America (1997)

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