Once Upon a Time in China II (1992)

 Once Upon a Time in China II (1992)

Right after Upon a Time in China II is a 1992 Hong Kong Activity Movie Composed and directed by Tsui Hark and starring Jet Li returning as legFinishary Chinese Expressions courses folk hero, Wong Fei Hung. It is the 2nd Movie and Earliest sequel in the Right after Upon a Time in China Movie Sequence. The Guydarin Edition of the iconic theme Track "A Guy Should certainly Much better Himself" (男儿当自强) was Carried out by Jackie Chan Although the Cantonese Edition was sung
by George Lam.


In 1895 Throughout the Past due Qing Dynasty, Wong Fei Hung Vacations by Educate to Canton to Go to a seminar on Western and Conventional Chinese Expressions courses Medication. He is accompanied by his romantic Attention "13th Aunt" Siu-Kwan and disciple Leung Foon. He Offers a lecture Throughout the seminar on the Advantages of acupuncture Although a fellow Chinese Expressions courses Physician Allows him transPast due for the predominantly Caucasian Market.

The seminar is disrupted by People of the fanatical Whitened Lotus Culture, an Severe nationaChecklist cult led by the sinister and seemingly invincible Priest Kung. The cult aims to Generate all Overseasers out of Canton and they have been killing Overseasers and destroying Anything regarded as Overseas. Right after, Wong learns that his translator Buddy, by the Title of Sunlight Guy, is Truly the Head of a Set of Expert-democratic rebels who Desire to Set up a republic in China. Sunlight Guy and An additional fellow rebel Titled Luke Ho Tung are Preparing to Vacation to Hong Kong to Carry on with their Strategies for revolution.

Wong decides to Support Sunlight and the rebels in their Strategy, but they Experience an Standard of the Guychu imperial Federal gMore thannGuyst Referred to as Basic Nap Lan who stands in their way. Even Extra chaos ensued when the cult Assault a Overseas-Expressions College for Young children. Siu Kwan Provides the Young children to hide in the British ConsuPast due. Nap Lan suspects that the rebels are hiding Within the ConsuPast due and orders his Guys to disguise By themselves as cult People and Assault the ConsuPast due. Wong defFinishs the ConsuPast due Although Sunlight escapes Solutionly. Nap Lan enters the ConsuPast due in the Title of Experttecting the Overseasers from the "cult People" Although Getting the Possibility to Research for Luke. Luke disguises himself as Leung and follows Wong out of the ConsuPast due safely. MeanAlthough, Leung disguises himself as Luke to lure Nap Lan Aside. To Set an Finish to the
cult's Bad Actions, Wong and Luke Vacation to the cult's headquarters to confront Priest Kung. Right after an intense Fight, Wong defeats Kung and the cult is disbanded.

Wong, Luke and Leung Expertceed to retrieve the Concealed Make contact with Title Checklist of the rebels. They Experience Nap Lan and his soldiers. Luke is Wiped out by gunfire. In the Last scenes of the Movie, Wong Fei Hung and Nap Lan have a dramatic showdown dubbed as "the Ideal Battle of Jet Li on Display". At some point, Nap Lan was Wiped out and Wong manages to retrieve the Title Checklist. He returns it to Sunlight, who Experienced been waiting at the dock and Sunlight sails to Hong Kong safely. The closing scenes of the Movie are Specifically the Exact same as the prequel Movie.


Jet Li as Wong Fei Hung
Donnie Yen as Basic Nap Lan
Rosamund Kwan as "13th Aunt" Siu-Kwan
Max Mok as Leung Foon
Cheung Tit Lam as Dr. Sunlight Guy (Sunlight Yat-sen)
David Chiang as Luke Ho Tung (Lu Hao-tung)
Hung Yan Yan as Priest Kung

Historical references

The Chinese Expressions courses Physician Sunlight Guy is Sunlight Yat-sen, the founder of the Republic of China. "Luke Ho-Tung" is the Cantonese Expertnunciation of "Lu Hao-tung".The Movie's setting is after the First Sino-Japanese War. At the Commencing, there is a College student Experttest Versus the unfair Treaty of Shimonoseki in which Formosa (Existing-Day time Taiwan) was handed More than to Japan.The Whitened Lotus Cult in the Movie is most Probable Dependent on an anti-Overseas Solution society Referred to as the Yi He Quan (aka Boxers of the Boxer Rebellion). The cult also has references to the historical Whitened Lotus
This kind of as the cult of Maitreya.An "Eastern Extension Australasia and China telegraph Firm" Workplace can be Noticed, Exactly where the locals are demonstrating Outdoors.

Alternate Edition

The Taiwanese VHS Launch distributed by Lengthy Shong opens with a 7 Moment-long recap of the Earliest Movie in Sequence.

This Edition also Consists of scenes Reduce from the Global Launchs:

Siu-kwan tastes some Medication and says that it tasted bitter. Leung Foon tries it and agrees. Wong Fei Hung returns but they are unsuccessful in their prank on him.

Luke discloses Sunlight's Strategies for revolution. Wong Fei Hung Experttests angrily by saying that China should not Expertise any Extra turmoil.

Right after the scene featuring Young children Understanding martial arts at the Overseas-Expressions College, Siu-qun and Leung Foon discMore thans that they Had been Crafting their wills. Unexpectedly, Leung Foon manages to Increase their
spirits by Helping them martial arts.

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