Once Upon a Time in China III (1993)

 Once Upon a Time in China III (1993)

Directed by Tsui Hark
Developed by Tsui Hark
Ng See-Yuen
Composed by Tsui Hark
Starring Jet Li
Rosamund Kwan
Max Mok
Lau Shun
Songs by Wu Wai Lap
Cinematography Andrew Lau
Editing by Marco Mak
Angie Lam
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Launch Day(s) 11 Feb . 1993
Operating time 105 min.
Nation Hong Kong
Preceded by When Upon a Time in China II
Observed by When Upon a Time in China IV
When Upon a Time in China III

When Upon a Time in China III is a 1993 Hong Kong Activity-martial arts Movie written and directed by Tsui Hark and starring Jet Li as legendary Chinese language program folk hero, Wong Fei Hung. It is the 3rd Movie in the When
Upon a Time in China Movie Sequence.


The Qing Dynasty is experiencing turmoil in its Right afterwards Many years as foreigners Begin to Carry More than and ruin the Manchu sMore thaneignty. To Relaxationore China's pride and DisPerform foreigners the May of Chinese language program martial arts, the Empress Dowager and GMore thannor Lee Hung Cheung Make a decision to Point a Countrywide Lion King Competing. All lion dancers and martial Designers from Close to the Country are invited to Go to and Componenticipate in the competition and Succeed the Name of "Lion King".

Wong Fei Hung, his romantic Curiosity "13th Aunt" Siu-qun and his disciple Leung Foon arrive in Peking to Go to Wong's Dad Wong Kei-Ying at the Cant1se Association. At the Educate station, they Fulfill a Russian diplomat Identifyd Tomanovsky, who knew Siu Kwan Even though they Have been studying in Britain. He Begins to vie for her InteRelaxation and annoys Wong, who is disgusted by the Western Custom made of kissing a Girl's hand. When the trio arrive at the Association, they discMore than that Wong Kei Ying Experienced been Assaulted by a wealthy rival martial artist Identifyd Chiu Tin Bak and his lackey Club Foot. Luckily, Wong only EnduRed-colored Minimal injuries from the Assault. Wong Make a decisions to give his blessings to his Boy and Siu-qun as they Create closer Associations.

Earlier to the True competition, the lion dance troupes which Experienced gatheRed-colored in the TPersonal Begined to Battle Among the By themselves and Maintain a competition of their Personal Prior to the True 1. Wong Fei Hung does not Componenticipate and spectates. UnknPersonal to him, Leung Foon and An additional disciple Experienced secretly BeAppear a member ofed the competition out of mischief. They annoy Club Foot and a Brief scrimmage Among Club Foot and Leung ensues. Club Foot's legs are SActuallyely Hurt when Leung accidentally releases a rampage of horses, which crushed Club Foot's legs with their hoofs. Club Foot is aband1d by Chiu, who sees him as useless now Without having the use of his legs. Wong Fei Hung Carrys pity on Club Foot and Carrys him in. Club Foot In the beginning saw Wong as a rival and treated him with hostility, but Wong's kindness touched him and he Ultimately Grew to beAppear Wong's loyal disciple.

With the Support of a Film Digital camera, a Treat to her from Tomanovsky, Siu-qun inadvertently uncMore thans an assassiCountry plot on GMore thannor Lee and Tomanovsky is 1 of the Events Included. She warns Wong Fei Hung and Wong Make a decisions to BeAppear a member of the competition, which will be Getting Spot at the Forbidden City, to foil the assassiCountry Try. At the Last Circular of the competition, Wong, With Each and every other with Leung Foon and Club Foot, Deal withs hundRed-coloreds of rival lion dancers and they Combat their way Via to Accomplish the Most excellent of a scaffold. Chiu Tin Bak also Componenticipates with the Greatest and Lifelessliest lion mask Actually and he Battles with Wong for the prize, a gold medal.

Eventually, Wong defeats Chiu and obtains the gold medal. MeanEven though, Tomanovsky fails to assassinate GMore thannor Lee and is shot Lifeless by his fellow Russians. Wong refuses to accept the gold medal, clIntentioning that the victory was a Pyrrhic victory and the competition has failed to Accomplish its Intention. He adds that the competition Simply Prospects to Far more Passing Aside and Injuries to the Chinese language program, and in Purchase to Relaxationore Countrywide pride, Actuallyy Chinese language program Should Perform a Component. He tosses the gold medal Back again to GMore thannor Lee, which lands at the GMore thannor's Ft, and then Strolls Aside as the Movie ends.


Jet Li as Wong Fei Hung
Rosamund Kwan as "13th Aunt" Siu Quan
Max Mok as Leung Foon
Hung Yan Yan as Club Foot
John Wakefield as Tomanovsky
Lau Shun as Wong Kei-Ying

Awards and nomiCountrys

1994 Hong Kong Film Awards
Nominated: Most excellent Film Editing (Marco Mak, Angie Lam)

Alternate Variants

United states Digital video disc cMore thanA scene of a horse Slipping dPersonal is Minimize from the United kingdom dvd release. All other Variants Consist of this scene.In the 1996 Hong Kong VHS Edition distributed by Paragon Films, the opening is in Mandarin and the Relaxation of the Movie is in Cant1se. This release was converted from a Laserdisc and some of the Movie's chapters
are in the incorrect Purchase.The Authentic Taiwanese release is the only Edition to Function a Lengthier Minimize of the Movie.It Consist ofs More than 15 Mins of footage. It is Launched on a VHS.The Taiwanese Edition distributed by Prolonged Shong is dubbed in Mandarin with embedded Chinese language program and English subNames. In most scenes Enclosed the deleted 1s, a Red-colored box logo bearing the letters LS for Prolonged Shong Seems on the upper left corner of the Display.

Deleted scenes:

A scene at the opening of the Movie
Leung Foon argues about rickshaws Even though the trio has just arrived in Beijing.
13th Aunt Discovers a spoilt Digital camera. Wong Believed that it is not Functioning.
Leung Foon tries to Discover a rickshaw.
Wong Kei Ying tells 13th Aunt to give his Boy Far more Assistance and guidance.
13th Aunt Obtains a Publication from the library Known as Tales of Filial Piety.
Wong Fei Hung's College students Study the Publication on filial piety for Research.
The Universities of martial arts argue Among thest Each and every other.
Right after the Minds of the Universities Concur to Fulfill Wong at the Relaxationaurant, Wong's College students Appear to Guard their tEach and everyer, Considering that it May be a trap. Wong tells them that it is a misunderstanding.
Right after 13th Aunt boards the Russians' carriage, Wong Carrys some soup for Vitality Prior to Heading Back again.
Wong's College students give their Duplicate of Tales of Filial Piety to their tEach and everyer. Leung Foon Studys an account Publication out loud to them.
Leung Foon climbes a Roofing Throughout the chase scene with Clubfoot. He runs up the stairs of the Relaxationaurant. The stairs give way. Leung's lion Mind Obtains stuck in the stairs and Offers him a Opportunity to escape.
Wong's College students Discover an egg stuck Within the steam Motor.
A Minimize dialogue Consist ofing the Paragraphs "Shut up. I'm gambling" is DisPerformn when the Hurt Clubfoot Strolls up the Relaxationaurant's stairs.
A Minimize dialogue from the scene In which Clubfoot crawls Aside from Wong Fei Hung. Wong's Dad says "See, your buddies left you now. If you don't Treatment your leg, you can't even Generate a Residing. Don't you have any
Spot to go?"
The Movie projection of Wong's martial arts disPerform is Totally Several. Leung Foon sees the Rate of his moves in the B&W Movie. He moves closer to the projection Display and his sExperiencedow blocks the Display.
Wong's College students see how Quick they Work on Display. Alternatively, Leung Foon distrWorks Wong when he was Executing.
Leung Foon sticks out his tongue in Top of Clubfoot. Clubfoot puts a sad Appearance on his Deal with. Later Leung throws a nut at him and they beAppear Good friends.
Wong spars with 1 of his College students on the projection Display.
13th Aunt cranks Wong's martial arts Efficiency from her projector Prior to she leaves him.
The Russians Get ready their rifles when Wong Can make his lion Mind. Wong writes his Identify on the lion Mind Even though the Russian theme Boyg is Performing in the Back againgCircular.
The Russians cheer More than Succeede Eyeglasses.
13 Aunt, Leung Foon and Wong Kei Ying Stroll up the stairs to mount the Film Digital camera Prior to the competition Begins.
Wong Kei Ying tries to Fill the Detrimental Movement Photo Movie. He opens the Movie can and 13th Aunt says that B&W Movie cannot be Filled Within in the presence of sunlight. She Obtains a Dark cloth.
13th Aunt calls Wong Kei Ying "Sibling". Wong wonders why.
Extensions in the lion dance competition Prior to it is Nearly More than. Wong, Leung and Clubfoot are Noticed Battleing to defend By themselves from sParagraphs.
13th Aunt runs Aside from Tomanovsky.

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