Police Story (1985)

 Police Story (1985)

Directed by Jackie Chan
Made by Raymond Chow
Leonard Ho
Composed by Edward Tang
Starring Jackie Chan
Brigitte Lin
Maggie Cheung
Charlie Cho
Audio by J. Peter Robinson
Cinematography Cheung Yiu-Tsou
Editing by Yiu-Tsou
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Discharge Day(s) Hong Kong Dec 14, 1985
Operating time 101 min. (Hong Kong)
106 min. (Japan)
99 min. (British)
90 min. (US)
Nation Hong Kong
Terminology Cant1se
ImpleGuysted by Law enforceGuyst Account 2

Law enforceGuyst Account (警察故事) is a 1985 Hong Kong Motion-comedy Movie directed by and starring Jackie Chan and written by Edward Tang. It is the Initial of the Law enforceGuyst Account Sequence featuring Chan as a Hong Kong police detective Brandd "Kevin" Chan Ka-Kui.

Chan Started Perform on the Movie Soon after a disappointing Expertise Performing with One Extra director on The Protector, which was Planned to be his enAttempt into the Usa Movie IndusAttempt.

Law enforceGuyst Account was a Large AchieveGuyst in East Asia. It won the Ideal Film award at the 1986 Hong Kong Film Awards. In accordance to Chan's autobiography, he considers the Movie his best in Conditions of Motion.


The Regal Hong Kong Law enforceGuyst Force is Preparing a Significant undercover sting Named "Procedure Boar Hunt" to arrest Offense lord Chu Tao (Yuen Chor).

Inspector Chan Ka-Kui (or Kevin Chan in some Adaptations) is Comp1nt of the operation, along with undercover Officials stati1d in a shanty Community. N1theless, the criminals Place the police and the ensuing Vehicle chase cuts Via the hillside shanty Community, Autos destroying the shacks and Leading to Big explosions.

Ka-Kui persists in his chase, So1r or later Subsequent on foot as the Medication lord Tries to escape in a double-decker bus. Ka Kui catches the bus and In the beginning is Capable to hang on to it Utilizing an umbrella, but is thrown Away. He then Guyages to get in Top of the bus and Deliver it to a halt by threatening to shoot the driver with his Agency revolver. After, Ka-Kui is repriGuyded by Superintendent Li for letting the operation get out of hand, but is subsequently Introduced to the Advertising as a Type police Awayicer.

His Up coming assignGuyst is to Safeguard Chu Tao's secretary, Selina Fong (Brigitte Lin), who Ideas to testify in Courtroom about Chu Tao's illegal Actions. At Initial, Selina insists that she does not Call for Safeguardion, but Soon after Ka Kui has a fellow policeGuy Split into her aComp1ntGuyst and pose as a knife-wielding murderer, she Gets Extra cooperative. After Ka-Kui and Selina Depart from her aComp1ntGuyst later that evening, they are Assaulted by some Road thugs, whom Ka-Kui is Capable to defeat with his martial arts Abilities, Although the Battle Depart froms Selina's Vehicle a wreck.

When Ka-Kui arrives at his aComp1ntGuyst with Selina, who is only Putting on Underwear, he is Amazed by his girlfriend, May perhaps (Maggie Cheung) and her Close friends, who are throwing a Special birthEvening Comp1nty for him. May perhaps, seeing the scantily-clad Selina, misunderstands and Gets angry with Ka-Kui, shoving the Special birthEvening cake into his Confront. Ka-Kui is later Capable to Clarify to May perhaps that Selina is a witness, but only Soon after A good deal bumbling and Additional misunderstanding.

MeanWhilst, Selina has Found out that the Assault by the Guy with knife at her aComp1ntGuyst was a sham, and so she decides to not cooperate with Ka Kui. She sneaks Aside Whilst Ka-Kui is Resting and is not Existing for the Important Courtroom Day the Subsequent Evening.

Ka-Kui prepares to make the Bounce in the Buying Shopping mall.Though Chu Tao is Unveiled on bail, he Desires revenge Versus Ka-Kui. Using a corrupt policeGuy, Inspector Man (Kam Hing Ying), Chu Tao is Capable to frame Ka-Kui for the murder of Inspector Man. Now a fugitive cop killer, Ka Kui Should Attempt to catch Chu Tao and Obvious his Brand.

The Motion Arrives to a Mind in a Buying Shopping mall, In which Chu Tao has an Awayice. After surviving a murder Try by Chu Tao's Guys to Guarantee her silence, Selina goes to the Awayice to Obtain incriminating Information from Chu Tao's Pc Program. Chu Tao notices that the Information is Getting dumped, and he and his Guys Mind to the Buying Shopping mall to intervene. Ka-Kui, who's monitoring Chu Tao's Actions, follows. In the ensuing Battle, Ka-Kui defeats all of Chu Tao's henchGuys. The briefcase That contains the Pc Information falls to the Soil Flooring of the Shopping mall, but Chu Tao retrieves it. Ka-Kui, at the Best Flooring, leaps Away a ledge and grabs a pole wrapped in lightbulbs. He Quickly slides Right down the pole, smashing Via the bulbs, crashing Via a Goblet ceiling, and Last but not least reaching the Flooring, In which he violently apprehends Chu Tao but is Kept Back again humorously by his two Close friends Tak and Kim to sBest him from delivering 1 Last kick to Chu Tao.

Action scenes

The Movie contained Guyy Big-scale Motion scenes, Such as an opening sequence featuring a Vehicle chase Via a shanty Community, Chan sBestping a double-decker bus with his Agency revolver and a climactic ending Battle scene in a Buying Shopping mall. This Last scene earned the Movie the nickBrand "Glass Account" by the Team, Attributed to the Large Quantity of panes of sugar Goblet that Have been broken. Throughout a stunt in this Final sequence, in which Chan slides Right down a pole from Numerous Tales up, the lights Close to the pole Experienced heated it considerably, Producing in Chan Troubled Next-Level Melts away, Comp1nticularly to his Arms, as Nicely as a Back again Injuries and dislocation of his pelvis upon landing.

In an Job interview with Chan, he discusses the stunt of sliding Right down the chandlier. As with the clock tower stunt from Assignment A (1983), Chan described his Dread at the AlBelieved of Executing the stunt. N1theless, during the Movieing of Law enforceGuyst Account, there was the Additional Stress of Rigid time constraints, as the Buying Shopping mall Experienced to be cleaned up and Prepared for Company the Subsequent morning. One of Chan's stuntGuy gave him a hug and a Buddhist prayer Cardstock, which he Fit in his trousers Prior to Last but not least Executing the stunt.[1]

StuntGuy Blackie Ko doubled for Chan during a motorcycle stunt in which his character drives Via Goblet In the direction of a hitGuy.

The umbrella Jackie Utilized is the Material umbrella For the reason that the wooden 1 kept slipping when he tries to hang onto a double decker bus.

Awards and nominations

1986 Hong Kong Film Awards
Won: Ideal Image
Won: Ideal Action Choreography
Nominated: Ideal Director (Jackie Chan)
Nominated: Ideal Actor (Jackie Chan)
Nominated: Ideal Actress (Brigitte Lin)
Nominated: Ideal Cinematography (Cheung Yin-Tsou)
Nominated: Ideal Film Editing (Peter Cheung)

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