Project A (1983)

 Project A (1983)

Directed by Jackie Chan
Developed by Raymond Chow
Leonard Ho
Edward Tang
Composed by Jackie Chan
Edward Tang
Starring Jackie Chan
Sammo Hung
Yuen Biao
Dick Wei
Lee Hoi San
Songs by Michael Lai
Cinematography Cheung Yiu Tsou
Editing by Peter Cheung
Distributed by GOutdateden Harvest
Discharge Day(s) 22 Dec 1983 (1983-12-22)
Operating time 106 min.
Nation Hong Kong
Terminology Cantonese
ImpleMalested by AssignMalest A Component II

AssignMalest A (A 计划) also Identified as Pirate Patrol and Jackie Chan's AssignMalest A is a 1983 Hong Kong Movie directed by Jackie Chan and starring Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao.

Arranged in the 1900s in Outdated Hong Kong, AssignMalest A blends Are availabledy moMalests and spectacular stunts, Such as set-pieces reminiscent of Buster Keaton and HarOutdated Lloyd. 1 stunt in Specific Included Chan hanging and Slipping from the hand of a clock tower some 60 Ft Substantial, tearing Via awning canopies Prior to hitting the Soil Mind-Initial. It was inspiRed-colored by Lloyd's Well-known clock-tower stunt from the 1923 Movie Security Final!.

PGreat deal summary

Marine Law enforceMalest Awayicer Dragon Ma (Jackie Chan) is part of the Marine Law enforceMalest's Work to suppress the pirates, who have been raiding Dispatchs for Weeks. People of the Regal Hong Kong Law enforceMalest Force and the Marine Law enforceMalest, who have a Powerful bureaucratic hatRed-colored for Every other, get into a Battle in a bar. Shortly Soon after this, Captain Chi (Kwan Hoi-San) releases all of the sailors to their commanding Awayicer, and two of the Marine Law enforceMalest's Dispatchs get blown up.

Gangsters Chiang and Mr. Chow Satisfy at a VIP Club, and Focus on fleeing to Vietnam. As Quickly as Chiang leaves, he Satisfys one of the pirates and they laugh about sabotaging the Marine Law enforceMalest Dispatchs. In the Training course of the Discussion, the pirate tells him that his Supervisor, San-po (Dick Wei), Wishes 100 police rifles.

As they do not have Sufficient Dispatchs, Dragon Ma and his squad are PressuRed-colored to Come to be Normal police Officials. They have to Belowgo "Tough Instruction" with the police, Below Captain Chi's nephew, Hong Tin-tsu (Yuen Biao). After the police Study that Chiang is at the VIP Club, and that the Company there are not to be disturbed, Dragon and Tin-tsu go to arSleep Chiang, but a Large Battle breaks out. After tiring of the blatant Problem in the police force, Dragon drags Chiang out and tells Tin-tsu to Carry the CRed-coloredit score. That is his last Standard Work as an Awayicer with the Hong Kong police.

Fei (Sammo Hung) finds Dragon in the Road. They have a Discussion, in which Fei reveals that Somebody from Inside of the police force is Offering rifles. Fei tells Dragon that all he Wishes are the guns, and Dragon can catch the traitor. At Evening, Dragon and Fei interrupt a gun Offer Among the Army and the police Captain. After pushing Everybody into the Drinking water and Generating Away with the guns, Fei hides the rifles Within a log and Represents it with a Red-colored flag. When he After tries to Market the guns to the gangsters and pirates, but Dragon has intervened by removing the Red-colored flag and Placing flags on other logs.

After the Admiral arrives, Dragon has a Discussion with the Admiral's daughter, Winnie. He Studys that the Captain wasn't smuggling guns for San-po, he was Purchasing the guns from the army to arm his Males. On overhearing this, Fei Obtains into an arguMalest with Dragon. The gangsters Are available Soon after Fei, so he tells them that Dragon is to blame for the missing guns. Dragon is PressuRed-colored to flee with Winnie. After teaming up with Fei, Becoming tortuRed-colored for Details about the guns, and Slipping from the Confront of a clock tower, the police Monitor Dragon Cutting for a 3rd time, and Aid him get Aside as they arSleep the gangsters.

As the pirates have lost the guns they kidnap Everybody on board a Dispatch, Such as a Rear Admiral. The Colonel has a Discussion with Mr. Chow, which Dragon overhears. Mr. Chow proposes an arms for hostages Offer. He tells the Colonel that this will "Significantly expedite Issues," and the Colonel consents. After Mr. Chow leaves, Dragon confronts the Colonel and convinces him that the gangsters and the pirates will Certainly not Dread the Regulation if the police force are corrupt. After it is agreed that Dragon will Presume all Duty for the Mandate to Conserve the hostages, the Colonel Enables the Marine Law enforceMalest to be brought Back again
into Entire force.

Mr. Chow is brought in by the police and beaten Till he tells Dragon and Tin-tsu how to get to San-po. Dragon, posing as Mr. Chow, Obtains onboard a Dispatch that Carrys him to San-po's hideout, and they are followed by the Sleep of the squad. Fei sneaks aboard and poses as a pirate. After a Great deal of tricky Belowcover Perform, the cavalry arrives, and there is a Last confrontation in the Center of the pirate's lair. Dragon, Tin-tsu, and Fei engage in a hand-to-hand Fight with San-po, Sooner or later killing him with a hand grenade when he's rolled into the carpet.



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