Shakespeare more popular abroad than in Britain

Shakespeare is Much more Well-knPersonal globally than with Individuals in Britain Although the bard has Produced a Substantial contribution to Britain's Financial state and Subculture, a new Analysis revealed Tuesday.

In accordance to a new Questionnaire "All the Planet's", commissioned by the British Council and Carried out by YouGov, the Amazing playwright has been proved Much more Well-knPersonal Outdoors Britain (65 %) than in his Personal Nation (59 %).

A Complete of 18,000 respondents in 15 Nations participated in the Questionnaire in November 2015. Survey showed only 59 % British Individuals like Shakespeare, Although 68 % Chinese language respondents like him.

The Best 5 Nations "like Shakespeare" are Of india (89 %), Mexico (88 %), Brazil (87 %), Turkey (79 %) and South Africa (73 %). Scores of France and Germany Have been the lowest, with 51 % and 44 %, respectively.

The Questionnaire also revealed that 84 % of Brazilians Stated they Discovered him Pertinent to Nowadays's world, In comparison with 57 % in Britain. MeanAlthough, 83 % of Of indian respondents Stated they understood Shakespeare, Yet, in Britain, only 58 % of respondents Stated so.

Contributable Aspects for the Final results Involved Shakespeare's Functions Becoming translated into Much more Modern editions and adaptation into other formats, Stated British Council.

This new Analysis also underlined the Ongoing Value and relevance of Shakespeare in the 21st century. More than a 3rd of Individuals questioned Stated Shakespeare Produced them Really feel Much more Optimistic about Britain in Common.

Prior Analysis Carried out by the British Council in 2014 showed that Shakespeare was the Top Character that 18 to 34 Yr olds in Brazil, China, Germany, Of india and the U.S. most identified with Modern British arts and Subculture.

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